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Online Marketing

Expectations & Projections

Marketing Budget Distribution by Year

We have historically seen an increase over time in the allocation of the average marketing budget towards online marketing. With the rise of the Internet and the onset of major Search engines there is more emphasis placed in areas including search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing.

We will continue to see online marketing trend upwards over time as digital advertising itself is reallocated towards a more modern and interactive approach to marketing.

Online Marketing Budget Distribution by Industry

There are clear patterns found in how various businesses in different industries and niches utilize online marketing. This chart produces some insight in how businesses in different industries allocate their online marketing budget towards various strategies based on their primary objective. Industries where interactivity is favored will allocate more of their budget towards social media marketing.

Conversion Rates Compared Between In-House and Outsource

Businesses which engage in outsourcing online marketing have found great success overall in trusting professional agencies which specialize in newer strategies. Businesses which build an in-house team have generally found increased costs associated with achieving the same ROI over time.

While the performance different may vary on an industry by industry basis, there is a clear upward trend in outsourcing online marketing initiatives.

ROI Compared Between In-House and Outsource

There are a number of factors influencing higher ROIs from outsourced online marketing initiatives to those of in-house initiatives. Many of the differences lie in the expertise of the professionals involved in implementing the proposed strategies to the types of tools and software which the agencies have access to in comparison to businesses developing a team.

Time to ROI Achievement

Due to the largest differences in how online marketing works for businesses in different industries and niches there is often a different in the amount of time in which an agency can find a return on the investment. Often times the return can also differ due to other elements including budget allocation, the timing of the strategy being implemented, and environmental factors within the industry.

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