Evaluation Methods

The primary objective of rehabfacilities.com is to provide our visitors with a list of recommended facilities separated by the type of rehabilitation they are looking for. In order to achieve this our research team aims to benchmark and compare various facilities across a number of different metrics. The process used to determine which facilities to feature in the rankings in addition to determining the placement of various facilities involves a long and tedious process of ensuring the facilities which we recommend are leaders and top contenders within their industry.


At the start of this process we want to better understand each of the facilities we are considering for the rankings. It is important for us to gather as much information as possible in order to perform an extensive analysis of their facility and programs. This analysis is an ongoing process as new information is received by the research team due to our participating in industry events, the results of our first-hand research, as well as the testimonials provided by those which have participated in rehabilitation programs offered by the facilities. This process aims to better understand which facilities to feature in the rankings in addition to determining a facility’s eligibility to compete within the rankings.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process used to compare rehab facilities involves an in-depth analysis of various factors most commonly associated with effective rehab programs and environments. Time is spent analyzing various industry trends, proprietary advancements in technology and rehabilitation, and each facility’s involvement in the wider industry. We believe it is important for facilities to focus on the best techniques and strategies for creating programs and a helpful environment to assist their clients in overcoming obstacles in their way towards rehabilitation.

Warning Factors
One of our primary concerns when performing our analysis is ensuring we have a complete picture of how each rehabilitation facility operates. We receive ongoing feedback from individuals involved in organizing and operating various rehabilitation programs as well as those which take part in the programs for their own benefit. There are a number of warning factors which we take into consideration during our research to ensure the facilities are truly dedicated to ensuring the successful rehabilitation of their clients with an environment encouraging them to rehabilitate.

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