On Site Facility Verification

We invite rehab facilities the opportunity to have our research team present at their facility to inspect the programs being offered and the overall environment of the facility. Our on site facility verification service aims to offer award-winning and top contending facilities in addition to newer facilities the opportunity to cement their standings in our listings by proving the legitimacy of their claims and the word of their clients.

These visits enable the research team to obtain additional information about the facility through methods unable to be obtained through any other method. Time is spent in discussion with professionals and managers at the facility for a more in-depth analysis of how their programs are organized, the individuals involved with overseeing the programs, and those which have the necessary experience and training to ensure the success of the rehabilitation programs. Depending on the type of programs being offered, additional time is spent understanding the research behind the selected methods of delivery and execution for physical therapy and rehabilitation or the environments and assistance offered to those looking to end substance abuse.

During the analysis the research team also connects with management and administrative staff in order to obtain a closer look into the administrative organization and financial stability of the facility to ensure long-term operation and growth. A direct approach is taken to verify the information offered by those interviewed in order to further validate or improve the metrics used during the evaluation process. At the end of the day the main objective of the on site facility validation is to gain a closer look at how programs are being offered, the benefit of the programs, and to validate or correct the information obtained by the research team during the evaluation process through a more direct method.


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