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Who is provides those looking for rehabilitation programs and centers in the United States with an online resource to find centers nearby and to determine which rehab centers are truly the best. We continue to expand our coverage to cover newly established and well-established rehab facilities across the country.

How are these facilities evaluated and ranked?

Our independent research team spends time reviewing information provided to us by our analysts in order to compare each of the facilities based on their merits and unique achievements within their particular field. Our rankings are separated into different areas based on the type of rehabilitation programs they are offering their clients and the degree of success they have had in those particular areas. The independent research team continues to develop and improve methods for benchmarking and comparing each of the facilities, the professionals involved, and the historical performance of the programs compared to industry averages and the averages of the absolute best rehabilitation programs around the world.

What makes us independent? does not affiliate itself with any parties that may impact its impartiality in researching and evaluating rehabilitation facilities (administrative agencies, government entities, or non-profit organizations of any type). lacks financial or ownership interest in the rehab facilities and programs which may be featured and ranked on the website from time to time.

How does benefit those seeking a rehabilitation program?

We provide our visitors with access to resources and information on which facilities have performed the best during our analysis. Visitors can use this information to find the best fit rehab facility for their needs. In addition, we offer a directory of facilities for visitors to find facilities which may be closer in proximity to them based on their needs and requirements. We continue to improve upon the amount of information available on our website in order to improve the experience of our users.

How does benefit those providing rehabilitation programs?

Those which are dedicated to providing renowned rehabilitation programs by hiring experienced professionals and investing in new techniques and strategies benefit directly from their achievements within the rankings. Those which lead the industry in terms of innovation and ensuring a comprehensive and comfortable experience for their inpatient and outpatient clients are rewarded for their hard work in our evaluation process. This means more exposure for the rehabilitation programs that have proven their ability to positively change the lives of their clients.

How do I apply for the rankings?

If you believe your rehabilitation facility has what it takes to be featured in our rankings you can fill out the apply for rankings form featured here. Please provide as much information as possible to ensure our research team can reach out to you and begin their evaluation. The rankings are updated on a monthly basis; giving us as much information as soon as possible will ensure you will be adequately considered for the rankings.


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