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Our testing facility is a unique research facility created to provide our research team with the tools and resources required to produce the robust level of benchmarking and comparison found in our monthly rankings. The facility was planned our and designed to take advantage of growing technologies which can ultimately influence the comfort, safety, and productivity of those which produce the necessary research which fuels our rankings.
The safety of our research team is one of the primary planning points during the planning and design phases. While we wanted to ensure our facility would be physically and visually pleasing and inviting, we made decisions to ensure aesthetic touches will not create unnecessary hazards or potential threats. In addition, the location of the facility was selected due to the area’s history of calm weather patterns, ease of accessibility, and construction flexibility to provide a safe environment during unavoidable natural phenomenon.
To better assist our research team with their work our facility is equipped with various technologies providing them constant and consistent access to the Internet and vital network resources from around the facility. The network offers researchers a BYOD environment while ensuring the safety and security of information within the network. Backup systems and network firewalls are implemented to ensure the authenticity of connections to and from the network and to ensure secure data transfer and remote viability.
We believe having a comfortable environment to work in is not only ideal, but a requirement for quality work. Our testing facility is equipped with temperature controlled devices in order to give team members the ability to control the temperature of their surroundings. The facility is outfitted with carpeting, individually controlled lighting systems, and adjustable desks, chairs, and other furniture. In addition, the testing facility is located in an area with easy access to stores, restaurants, child care services, and other businesses.

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